Make Money with Financial Offers at LeadNetwork

As an affiliate marketer, it’s always best to choose a niche market that is going to make money no matter what happens in the world or as the seasons change. The usual suspects that fall into this category are health, beauty, weight loss and anything related to finance. No matter how great or how bad the economy is, everyone wants to look their best and they’re willing to spend money on it. With that in mind, “money” and “personal finance” are the big industry marketers where even more money is always going to be made — especially when it comes to personal loans, business loans, pay day loans and everything in between.

For this very reason, LeadNetwork has established themselves as one of the prominent players in the affiliate marketing and financial space — focusing mainly on pay day loans, while also helping their affiliates earn hefty payouts in the process. With so much money flowing in and out of this space, let’s take a look at how LeadNetwork works and how you can start making money with their platform as an affiliate.

Looking for Payday and Financial Offers?

The majority of affiliate marketers in the world today already know what markets they work best in, and know how to provide the highest quality leads of specific types of offers. For anyone that’s already doing well in the financial space or has such traffic, LeadNetwork might be a great addition to your revenue generating arsenal. While most ad networks will have hundreds or even thousands of affiliate offers to choose from, LeadNetwork focuses strictly only financial offers — which allows them to be the best at what they do and offer the highest payouts in the process. By working with actual loan partners and lenders, LeadNetwork isn’t your traditional affiliate network, they are a full lead generation and brokering business in one.

LeadNetwork currently pays out a commission to their affiliates on a pay-per-lead basis. However, unlike traditional networks, LeadNetworks pays out a wide range of commission amounts depending on the quality of each lead and what type of financial offer they apply for. The payout of a lead will also depend on the demand from lenders and what the current market demands are for new financial leads. When it comes to the negotiation of such leads and amounts, LeadNetwork says that have a solid business model in place that “provides publishers with some of the industry’s highest payouts per lead.”

One of the main reasons why financial offers draw such an interest from affiliates is that they can sell for up to $230 per lead. Even on the lower end, some leads will sell for just $2 per lead — but that is often due to a failed lead or based off a limited supply of information coming from each lead. No matter what type of financial offer affiliates are promoting through LeadNetwork, the goal is to always offer the highest and most competitive rates in the industry, as they claim to be one of the best pay per lead affiliate programs in the financial space.

More than Just Payday Loan Offers

While the main focus of LeadNetwork is on their short-term payday loan affiliate program, they do have a selection of other financial offers to choose from — all based on loans. The concept of a payday loan is quite simple, in the fact that they are usually a short term loan with a high-interest rate if they aren’t paid back in time. The borrower can usually apply for a small sum of money with such loans, which are usually in the $100 to $1,000 range — which must also be paid within 30 days. To give you an idea of just how lucrative this space can actually be, more than 12 million people take out pay day loans every year.

Since these types of leads usually bring a higher return on investment to the loaner, they can also pay out a higher commission to affiliates as well. You can see some of the different loan offers available through LeadNetwork below. From personal and business loans, to car insurance and car title loans, LeadNetwork definitely has the loan market covered.


As mentioned earlier, depending on the type of lead an affiliate is promoting, the actual commission payout out will vary. Once signed up for their network, you can log in and see the different offers available, their individual landing pages and the commission payout ranges.

Inside the LeadNetwork Affiliate Area

As an affiliate marketer, you should already be quite familiar with any affiliate members area. In short, every affiliate will have their own login details, account ID and tracking links to make sure they are paid on all leads. Once logged in, affiliates can view their stats, offers, campaign performance and more.


Another benefit of LeadNetwork, is that their affiliate dashboard is quite clean and to the point. At the end of the day, all affiliates really want to know is how much money they are making, and LeadNetwork makes that easy.

Payments are sent out on a net-7 basis as long as the minimum payout threshold of $100 is met. Payments can be issued via PayPal, check, direct deposit, wire transfer or WebMoney. Payment preferences can be viewed and changed under the “Settings” section within your account.

In addition to everything else an affiliate network traditionally offers, LeadNetwork also has a referral program to bring in new affiliates as well. This program pays out a 3% bonus commission, which is based off the earnings of any approved affiliates to the network. This also looks like it’s a lifetime payout on each referral, which can definitely add up over time!

Analyzing Financial Offers within LeadNetwork

The simplicity and cleanliness of the LeadNetwork members area makes it easy to find offers to promote and know exactly what they pay out. This also goes back to the network only having financial offers, which means you won’t get distracted or overwhelmed with a wide range of offers to promote. As you can see from the screenshot below, some offers have a 90% revenue-share, which is quite generous… especially when a lead can pay out up to $230 per lead.


To get started with the promotion of any offer, simply click on the “offers” tab on the left side menu, then select an offer you would like to promote. You can then “create campaign” and set up any additional sub IDs, landing pages or other tracking variables you might want to use. In this same area, you can view the selection of creatives available, while also seeing the many different ways an offer can be promoted (ie: SEO, display banners, paid search, email marketing, pop-ups/unders, coregistration, call center)

As you can see in the screenshot above, LeadNetwork also provides you with detailed demographic targeting information on each offer, while also letting you know any states that might not allow such offer promotion. When looking at any other personal loan affiliate programs in the industry, you are going to find a wide range of offers to choose from. It’s up to the affiliate to not only find such offers, but also the best traffic sources and methods for promoting them as well.

Increasing Your Affiliate Revenue with LeadNetwork

Affiliate marketing is one of the best business models in the world today. In previous years, if you wanted to drive leads on financial offers, you would actually need to be a broker or bank yourself. Now it’s easier than ever through the use of LeadNetwork and the power of affiliate marketing.

The market for financial and payday loan offers is ripe and continues to grow daily. If this is a space you are currently in or one that you would like to test the market with, I recommend you take a look at what LeadNetwork has the offer.

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