Make Money With App ClipClaps (Withdrawal from Paypal)

* You can make some extra money, and for today I will introduce you to an app called ClipClaps. Where you basically watch the most trending and funny videos and in return you get scratchers and Clapcoins.

* Every 100,000 Clapcoins exchange to 1$ (100,000 Clapcloins = 1 USD) , it may appear that is it a lot but it doesn’t take much time to get it. The minimum to cashout is 10 dollars with a flat fee of 0.25 which will be sent to your paypal after three working days.

* This app is available on both ios and android. Link download:

(Use the code redeem: 1 3 P V 1 S E Z to collect a $1.00 sign-up bonus)

Sign Up using your Phone or Facebook Account. After Input Code Redeem to receive 1 USD

There are many ways to redeem your coins : cash, amazon, physical products…

Invite friends to get reward Raffle

Bonus way to get your redeem:

insert code clipclaps into link:[code clipclaps]

Example: my result

Open reward cash from Raffle

Check proof below:

Proof date: 27-05-2020

Proof date: 23-04-2020

Proof date: 29-03-2020

Proof date: 25-03-2020

Proof date: 20-03-2020

Proof date: 07-03-2020

Proof date: 03-03-2020

Proof date: 18-02-2020

or other proof of payment

Check more proof:

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